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Can be used with all BayStar helms, with appropriate fittings. Kit contains two cut lengths of tubing. BayStar Tubing Kits:   20' kit (2 x 20’ lengths tubing):...

SEASTAR Outboard Hose Kit


*SEASTAR Outboard Hose Kit (HO51_ _*) *Includes two hoses – can be used with all SeaStar systems, except SeaStar PRO, BayStar, Capilano and 3-line inboard systems. *SEASTAR PRO Outboard...

SEASTAR Bulkhead Hose Kits


*SEASTAR Bulkhead Hose Kits (HO81_ _*)* SeaStar® Bulkhead Hose Kits assure a neat hydraulic steering installation. Each hose has an integral bulkhead fitting for tidy routing of hoses...

Big-T® Rotary Steering

big t

The Original Teleflex Steering System! For over 35 years, Big-T® has been the most durable, versatile mechanical steering system made, with both single and dual station capability. The...

Dashboard Module Tilt Kit


For all types of engines including Outboard, Power-Assisted Stern Drive, non power-assisted Sterndrive and Inboard. Teleflex Tilt Steering brings comfort and convenience to any boat. Tilt steering allows...

HPS™ Rack and Pinion

hps rack

HPS™ Rack by Teleflex is the best 4-turn way to steer a power-assisted sterndrive or outboard! Ideal for small inboards too, HPS reduces backlash (free-play at the...

HPS™ Rotary


HPS™ Rotary is ideal for all power-assisted sterndrives that can accept a mechanical steering cable. It replaces standard current generation Safe-T® steering without dash modifications and most other...

JBS Jet Boat


Designed exclusively for Jet boats featuring a choice of two steering arc angles 135º or 270º lock to lock. Teleflex Jet boat steering is recommended in all...

Light Duty (International Only)

light duty

Suits outboard engines up to 53 HP supplied complete with 90º bezel to suit most applications. This product is only sold internationally. Available as separate components. *Features*   Comfortable 2.5...

NFB™ 4.2 Tilt Rotary

NFB 4.2 tilt

Patented No FeedBack Control — PLUS THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR TILT STEERING! You get Tilt Steering, the advantage of 4.2 turns lock-to-lock and our patented No FeedBack steering...

NFB™ Safe-T® II Rotary

nfbsafe tII

Delivering additional comfort and safety on today’s outboard power boats (V4 max) locking out the torque felt at the steering wheel generated by the rotation of the propeller....

Tilt Steering


The ultimate in Tilt Steering Technology. Tilt Steering delivers unsurpassed performance and flexibility making it the perfect system for all possible applications and boat types. Classic helm for...

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For almost 60 years, Teleflex Marine has put boaters in command and control of their vessels. From throttle and shift control cables to your boats steering to instrumentation and repair parts for your engine and drive, Teleflex Marine has continually led the recreational marine industry with innovation, quality and a commitment to supplying boat builders, dealers and boaters with the parts they need, when they need them.

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