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Rocker Foot Pedal Electronic ER8000


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  • ER8000HC


Product Description

The Kongsberg Automotive ER8000 series pedal systems of-fer easy installation for any off-highway vehicle application requiring an electronic pedal with a bi-directional, ‘rocker’ type of action.

The mechatronic pedal features the vSENSE™ non-contact sensor with patent-pending technology, configurable for analog output or electronic switches. Built to exceed all appli-cable industry standards and requirements, this rugged pedal and sensor system can withstand extreme off-road environments while ensuring precise control and superior performance.

The ER8000 pedal benefits from Kongsberg Automotive’s unique ‘direct-drive’ of the sensor, providing enhanced reliability in all environments. With no moving parts to wear over time, the vSENSE™ sensor sets a new standard for accuracy and durability, exceeding IP67 seal rating by performing under dynamic rather than static conditions.

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Additional Product Information


A robust design ideally suitable for demanding off-highway pedal applications requiring a rocker type action

Quadruple compression spring design ensures complete reliability and constant pedal forces over the vehicle lifetime

Unique hysteresis element design provides smooth, predictable and comfortable operator control

vSENSE™ Hall effect non-contact sensor provides position sensing and switching accuracy and reliability

Fully user customizable to fit a wide range of applications

Up to ± 14° pedal travel from the central rest position

Easy mounting to the cabin floor

Composite end caps prevent intrusion of debris

Allows easy fitment of custom treadle geometry, if required

Sensor output

2 sensor output channels are standard, but up to 4 channels can be provided for special applications


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