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Model 400mm Diameter


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Introducing the latest product, a "Soft feel" Steering Wheel for Agricultural, Construction, and Off-Highway Applications.


For a more Automotive look and feel, this latest range of "SOFT FEEL" wheels are produced from the latest textured polyurethane.


With the wheels stylish appearance and its wide contoured rim that ensures the Driver's comfort and control, we have a wheel to suit the OEM or Aftermarket requirements.


The wheels can be supplied with a plain centre cap or horn push and/or an integrated spinner knob. Customised centre cap decals can also be supplied.


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Additional Product Information

400mm Diameter
Rim Diameter
Rim Height
Column Hub Fittings
36 or 48 Teeth / Key-Way
Column Hub Tapers
1:3.43, 1:16, 1:19.26







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