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HCFM Metric Series Ball Joint


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Material: Body and ball stud Low carbon steel.. Case hardened. Inner retaining ring Hard drawn spring steel to SAE1070 or equivalent

Protective Finish: Body and ball stud Zinc plated, de-embrittled and passivated. Inner retaining clip Self-colour. The assembly is lubricated.

Metric equivalent to SAE J 490 style 4.

Ball stud is retained by a hardened and tempered steel ring resulting in high pull-out load. There is an optional gaiter available to help resist dirt ingress.

If a fitted gaiter is required then the suffix “G should be added to the part number. E.g FMG10.

The FM Ball Joint is ideal for severe wear conditions and is also resistant to vibration and high shock loading.

Inch sizes of this range are also available.

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