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ES3000 Series Electronic Gear Shifter


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The new ES3000 is an innovative, high specification electronic gear shifter offering best-in-class performance and functionality, utilizing our revolutionary non-contact sensor.

The patented design of the vSENSE™ non-contact, programmable Hall effect sensor seals out contaminants to provide enhanced reliability in all environments. With no moving parts to wear over time, the vSENSE™ sensor sets a new standard for accuracy and durability, exceeding IP67 seal rating by performing under dynamic rather than static conditions.

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• Innovative high specification electronic shifter, designed for robust, durable and consistent performance in even the most hostile working environments.

• Exchangeable detent plates provide variable shift angles and gates to suit customer requirements, with option to incorporate side movement of lever to follow Z-gate shift pattern.

• Optional illumination

• vSense provides position sensing and switching accuracy and reliability

- Fully programmable

- Fully tested (functionality, performance and EMC)

- Fully sealed (IP67 dynamic)

™ Hall effect non-contact sensor

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