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Crankshaft Grinding UK

Our Hindle Reman division have just invested in a New Crankshaft Grinder. The machine has some impressive specifications allowing us to offer regrinds and polishing on cranks:

Up to five metres in length
With a total throw of 480mm
Swing of 575mm
Crank weight up to 4 ton

This investment opens up a number of new markets across Europe for us including:

Waste Management
Combined Heat and Power

This is on top of our existing services for Crankshafts which are Crankshaft grinding, crack testing, straightening, re-hardening and polishing.

Hindle crankshaft regrinding services can include; crack testing with magnetic particle inspection (MPI), crankshaft straighten, crankshaft re grinding, crankshaft polishing, hardness testing and balancing.

We also cater for crankshaft hardening using processes such as nitro-carburizing or nitriding.

Seal diameters can be re claimed by metal spray and, in some cases, we can also re claim main & big end journals using chrome plating, submerged arc welding or metal spraying.

If you have a demand for engine component remanufacture then please get in touch – we also offer :

Manufacture of crankshafts
block boring and re-facing
re-claiming of top and bottom cuffs
Conrod re-bushing and boring
Cylinder head reconditioning

Crankgrinder grinding crank

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