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KB Control


  Adjustable throttle brake to prevent throttle creep that is evident with some diesel engines. Adustable cable stops - easily accessible through removable top cover Splash proof covers...

KE-4 Electronic Controls


The Teleflex Marine KE-4 is a perfect answer to smooth and easy shift and throttle control suitable for most applications. Modern styling, various colour/finish control head options, single...

KE-5 and 6 Electronic Controls


KE-5/6 electronic controls continue the high standards set by the popular KE4 control system. Modern styling, various colour/finish control head options, single or twin engine versions.

MNS Sail Control


Dual function, single lever for all types of single engine applications designed for sail boat use. Simple streamline control handle design ensures no snagging of ropes.

MT3 Top Mount Control


  Dual action (throttle and shift in one lever) Sturdy control provides one-handed positive engine control Start and warm-up are done by pulling out the hand levers...

MV3 Control


  Fits all popoular outboards, inboards and stern drives Emergency cut-off feature available for most popular MV-3 models Ergonomically designed handgrip for maximum comfort and convenience Crisp, positive...

NB Controls


Available in single (throttle or shift) or twin lever versions   Single action design The NB throttle control has a drag adjustment which is simply applied by twisting...

SG Control


Stainless steel cover with polished stainless steel levers, straight or sport curved levers   Adjustable throttle brake Optional neutral interlock provision helps to prevent accidental shifting. Can be used in dual...

SL3 Control


Modern styling, dual action, top and side mount controls. Black satin finish available in single or twin engine versions, with or without trim and/or tilt switches.   Dual...

ST and STB Controls


ST and STB controls Single function, single lever control simple trouble free design. The time proven design of these controls means years of reliable operation. Suits 33C or...

Twin S and Single S Controls


Twin S and Single S controls Single function, one or two lever versions Highly polished, chrome plated covers. Optional neutral safety switch to prevent starting in gear   ...

Sailboat Flush/Sidemount - 700SS


*TECHNICAL DATA* Dual action side mount control designed for sail boats. More than 1 million sold worldwide. This control is the first choice of all premium sail boat manufactures....