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Control Cables


Stop Control Cable


Teleflex stop cable with T handle. Plain wire end, stainless steel.

UD617 Control Cable


Extra heavy duty control cable (UD617) for the operation of small manual gearboxes. For use with D1, D2 & D4 controls. Steel end fittings and helical cable...

Engine Control Cables – Internation...


A complete range of control cables to suit all applications available in “standard”, “midrange” and “supreme” styles. Gen II type cable designed specifically to be used with Mercury...

Bowden Cable


Bowden cables are a type of flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force or energy by the movement of an inner cable (most commonly of steel or...

Morse Cables


Morse Cables are one of the products Hindle Controls often get asked to supply. Having been a distributor for Kongsberg since they were known as Morse Controls,...

Tuthill Controls Cablecraft Cables


Tuthill Controls incorporates Cablecraft products. Cablecraft is an international company which has been producing push-pull assemblies for industrial mobile equipment since 1960. Here at Hindle Controls we manufacture and...

Throttle Cables


Throttle control cables can be manufactured in house at Hindle Controls, Bradford for your specific application. Hindle Controls can supply any type of throttle control cable ranging from...

Brake Cables


Hindle Controls can manufacture Brake Cables for a number of applications. These include, Pedal Bicycle, Go Karts, Trailers, Fork Trucks, Rollers, Specialist Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, Material Handling, Dump...

Stop Cable


Hindle Controls can manufacture Stop cables to any length as per your requirement. Stop Cables manufactured at Hindle Controls are ideal for a variety of control needs....

Push Pull Cables


Push Pull Control Cables are the heart of Hindle Controls - used to transfer motion. Push pull cables provide an efficient and economical solution to a wide...

Hydraulic Valve Control Cables


Hindle Controls can offer custom length remote valve control cables from complete with kits and operators. This cable is a vital link between remote control lever and...

Transmission Cable


Transmission cables connect the Gear Shift Control to the connection kit on the gear box. Gear shift controls normally require a clamp type control cable and have...