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Concrete Mixer Control Cables


Hindle Controls can manufacture any length you require in metres or feet.  We can also supply the Concrete Mixer Controls[sitetree_link,id=487] to suit these Mixer Cables. Please email us...

Heater Cables


Hindle Controls can manufacture heater cable to suit your requirement. Contact us for further information.

Gear Change Cable - Volvo and MAN

Gearchange Cable

Product Description Kongsberg Automotive SILVER LINE™ cables are the industry standard for the world’s most successful manufacturers of agricultural, construction and material handling equipment and on-highway vehicles.    

Rolling Ball Cables

Rolling Ball1

Rolling Ball Cables have flexible linear ball bearing which transfers push-pull motion from one point to another. Its unique design allows for the efficient transmission of movement up to...

KANtrak Configurable Input Module


The CANtrak CCIM is a programmable sensor module that interfaces between various electronic sensors and a J1939 or NMEA 2000 Network.

KANtrak Generic Engine Monitor


The latest version of the Generic Engine Monitor (GEM) software displays transmitted J1939 and J1587 engine and transmission data, active and stored alarms where supported, and is a...

vSENSE™ Non Contact Sensor


The Kongsberg Automotive vSENSE™ noncontact, programmable Hall effect sensor provides technologically proven capabilities in a design that completely seals out contaminants to provide enhanced reliability in harsh industrial...

CANtrak Power/CAN Wiring Harness


Kongsberg Automotive can supply a pre-assembled wiring harness for the CANtrak 2600/2610 displays. This consists of a mating connector to plug into the display and 1.5m long flying...

CANtrak Mounting and Protective Cov...


CANtrakTM is the perfect platform to empower your electronics with flexibility and control. The CANtrak Models 2600 and 2610 are both supplied as standard with a front mounting...

CANtrak Software Development Kit


As a high technology forward thinking company, Kongsberg Automotive not only offers well-engineered and competitively priced graphical displays, but also offers easy access to a very powerful Software...

CANtrak Starter Kits


The CANtrak 2600/2610 has established a new standard for intelligent, multi-function displays. This ideal man-machine interface is easily configured with user-friendly software to measure, display, store, process and...

MH2000 Electronic Hand Throttle Con...


The MH-2000 Multi-Turn Hand Throttle Control is the technically enhanced next generation of a recognized industry standard control. The MH-2000 is intended for use with electronic engines as...

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